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Ministers and Management Team

Ministers and Management Team
# Name Description View
Mwigulu L. Nchemba photo Hon. Dr. Mwigulu L. Nchemba Minister for Finance and Planning View
Hamad H. Chande photo Hon. Hamad H. Chande Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning View
Natu El-maamry Mwamba photo Dr. Natu El-maamry Mwamba Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Finance and Planning View
Jenifa C. Omolo photo Ms. Jenifa C. Omolo Deputy Permanent Secretary - Treasury Services View
Lawrence N. Mafuru photo Mr. Lawrence N. Mafuru Deputy Permanent Secretary - Economic Management View
Amina K. Shaaban photo Ms. Amina K. Shaaban Deputy Permanent Secretary - Public Finance Management View
Lusius R. Mwenda photo Mr. Lusius R. Mwenda Director of Administration and Human Resources Management View
Renatus D. Msangira photo Mr. Renatus D. Msangira Assistant Director, Administration View
Benjamin S. Chilumba photo Mr. Benjamin S. Chilumba Assistant Director, Human Resources Management View
Leonard Mkude photo Mr. Leonard Mkude Accountant General (ACGEN) View
Aziz H. Kifile photo Mr. Aziz H. Kifile Assistant Accountant General - Financial Standard and Operations View
Victus P. Tesha photo Mr. Victus P. Tesha Assistant Accountant General - Local Government Finances View
Perfectus R. Killenza photo Mr. Perfectus R. Killenza Assistant Accountant General - Consolidated Fund & Services View
Wilson  A. Ngao photo Mr. Wilson A. Ngao Ag. Assistant Accountant General - Expenditure Management View
Ayoub H. Banzi photo Mr. Ayoub H. Banzi Assistant Accountant General – Financial Management View