To provide expertise on Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects policies This Unit will perform the following activities: -
(i) Establish a robust policy and regulatory framework to facilitate PPP projects;
(ii) Develop, review and issue PPP Policies, Manuals and Guidelines;
(iii) Monitor and advise on the development, execution and evaluation of PPP projects;
(iv) Develop and issue guidelines to integrate PPP into sector strategies and plans; and
(v) Create and maintain PPP Projects Database. The Unit will be led by a commissioner.

To provide expertise and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services for the Ministry.

This Unit will perform the following activities:-
(i) Prepare an Annual Procurement Plan;
(ii) Provide advice on matters pertaining to the procurement of goods and services and logistics management;
(iii) Plan and manage procurement and disposal by tender procedures of the procuring
entity except adjudication and the award of contract;
(iv) Implement the decisions of the Tender Board and prepare monthly reports;
(v) Provide secretariat services to the Tender Board;
(vi) Prepare statements of requirements;
(vii) Prepare tender documents;
(viii) Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities;
(ix) Prepare contract documents and Issue approved contract documents;
(x) Maintain and archive procurement documents; and
(xi) Maintain a register of all contracts awarded

To provide quality Financial Management and Accounting services.
The Unit will perform the following activities:-
(i) Collect, manage and account for all Taxes and Non-Tax Revenues according to regulations and guidelines;
(ii) Prepare payments of salaries and ensure statutory deductions are remitted on time as prescribed;
(iii) Prepare Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual Financial Statements;
(iv) Pre-Examine Payment Vouchers and supporting documents to ensure adherence to Financial Management Legislations;
(v) Coordinate and respond to audit queries raised;
(vi) Handle cash payments and custodian of financial documents; and
(vii) Prepare and effect payments and Monitor expenditure. 

To provide advisory services to the Accounting Officer on the adequacy of the compliance with the system of internal control.

This Unit will perform the following activities:-
(i) Prepare and implement annual and strategic risk-based audit plans;
(ii) Review and report on proper control over receipt, custody and utilization of all financial resources of the Ministry;
(iii) Review and report on conformity with financial and operational procedures laid down in any legislation or any regulations or instructions for control over the expenditures of the Ministry;
(iv) Develop audit procedures to facilitate compliance with international standards annually;
(v) Review and report on the reliability and integrity of financial and operational data used in preparation of financial statements and other reports;
(vi) Review and report on the systems in place used to safeguard assets, and verify existence of such assets;
(vii) Review and report on operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals;
(viii) Review and report on the adequacy of action by management to Internal Audit and External Audit reports and assist management in the implementation of recommendations; and
(ix) Review and report on the adequacy of controls built into computerized systems in the Ministry.

To provide to the Ministry expertise and service in information, communication and dialogue with public and media.

The Unit will perform the following activities: -
(i) Develop and implement Communication Strategy for the Ministry;
(ii) Prepare and disseminate information to the public on policies, programs and reforms undertaken by the Ministry;
(iii) Conduct Media Monitoring and Analysis;
(iv) Manage and update the Ministry's Website;
(v) Coordinate and supervise the Ministry's participation in National and International exhibitions; and
(vi) Coordinate press briefings for the Ministry.