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Ministers and Management Team

Ministers and Management Team
# Name Description View
Victus P. Tesha photo Mr. Victus P. Tesha Assistant Accountant General - Local Government Finances View
Ayoub H. Banzi photo Mr. Ayoub H. Banzi Assistant Accountant General – Financial Management View
Wilson  A. Ngao photo Mr. Wilson A. Ngao Assistant Accountant General - Expenditure Management View
Perfectus R. Killenza photo Mr. Perfectus R. Killenza Assistant Accountant General - Consolidated Fund & Services View
Anthony G. Tarimo photo Mr. Anthony G. Tarimo Chief Accountant Treasury (CAT) - Vote 21 View
Boaz I. Ntembanda photo Mr. Boaz I. Ntembanda Director of Procurement Management Unit (DPMU) View
Benny L. Mwaipaja photo Mr. Benny L. Mwaipaja Chief Government Communication Officer - CGCO View