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Ministers and Management Team

Ministers and Management Team
# Name Description View
James J. Msima photo Mr. James J. Msima Assistant Commissioner - Regional View
Patrick W. Pima photo Mr. Patrick W. Pima Assistant Commissioner - Aid Coordination View
Robert P. Mtengule photo Mr. Robert P. Mtengule Ag. Assistant Commissioner - Multilateral View
Melckzedeck D. Mbise photo Mr. Melckzedeck D. Mbise Assistant Commissioner - Bilateral View
David Kafulila photo Mr David Kafulila Commissioner for Public Private Partnership View
Bashiru T. Hussein photo Mr. Bashiru T. Hussein Assistant Commissioner for Public Private Partnership – Project View
... photo Ms. ... Assistant Commissioner for Public Private Partnership –Technic View
Meshack Joram Anyingisye photo Mr Meshack Joram Anyingisye Commissioner for Budget View
Bahati S. Mgongolwa photo Ms. Bahati S. Mgongolwa Assistant Commissioner for Budget - Wage bill View
Vicky J. Jengo photo Ms. Vicky J. Jengo Assistant Commissioner -Expenditure Tracking View
Andambike M. Mololo photo Mr. Andambike M. Mololo Assistant Commissioner - Regions View
Raymond Mukwaya Kwohelera photo Mr Raymond Mukwaya Kwohelera Assistant Commissioner -Ministries, Departments & Agencies View
Fundi Mwakapeta Makama photo Mr. Fundi Mwakapeta Makama Ag. Assistant Commissioner - Budget Techniques View
Nuru M. Abdallahmed photo CPA (T) Nuru M. Abdallahmed Chief Accountant, (PAT) Ministry of Finance and Planning Vote 50 View
Eliasi  K. Kimati photo Mr. Eliasi K. Kimati Director of Legal Services View