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Ministers and Management Team

Ministers and Management Team
# Name Description View
Athumani S. Mbuttuka photo Mr. Athumani S. Mbuttuka Internal Auditor General ( IAG) View
Paison D. Mwamnyasi photo Mr. Paison D. Mwamnyasi Assistant Internal Auditor General - Quality Assurance View
Emmanuel M. Subbi photo Mr. Emmanuel M. Subbi Assistant Internal Auditor General - Risk Management Systems and View
Mwanyika M. Semroki photo Mr. Mwanyika M. Semroki Assistant Internal Auditor General - Local Government Audit View
John M. Sausi photo Dr. John M. Sausi Director for Financial Information System and IT Services View
Adam Y. Mshangama photo Mr. Adam Y. Mshangama Assistant Director, Operations System View
Hamza N. Rashid photo Mr. Hamza N. Rashid Assistant Director, Infrastructure View
Frank J. Kanani photo Mr. Frank J. Kanani Ag. Assistant Director - Internal IT Services View
Kishiwa Y. Masabo photo Mr. Kishiwa Y. Masabo Assistant Director, System Development View
Chotto Sendo photo Mr. Chotto Sendo Director for Government Assets Management View
Ismael N.  Ogaga photo Mr. Ismael N. Ogaga Assistant Director - Asset Management System View
Wenceslaus M. Sobayi photo Dr Wenceslaus M. Sobayi Ag. Assistant Director-Compensation View
Moses W. Dulle photo Mr. Moses W. Dulle Director of Planning View
David E.  Mwankenja photo Mr. David E. Mwankenja Assistant Director - Planning View
Theresia  E. Henjewele photo Ms. Theresia E. Henjewele Assistant Director - Monitoring & Evaluation View