Types of Audits

  1. Operational - refers to a comprehensive examination of an operating unit or a complete department to evaluate its performance, as measured by management's objectives by reviewing action plan, Medium term expenditure framework (Budget) and progress reports. An operational audit focuses on the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of operations in the ministries departments.


  2. Financial - Determine the accuracy and propriety of financial transactions. This is done by reviewing:-o        Payment vouchers eligible to audit approval before and after payment.o        Salary arrears and new employee’s data sheets.o        Correctness of revenue collection and banking procedures.o        Bank reconciliation o        Vote book maintenance


 3.  Compliance - to determine whether, and to what degree there is conformity to certain specific requirements of policy, procedures, standards, or laws and governmental regulations. The audit focuses almost exclusively upon detailed testing of conditions.


  4. Asset Verification - An independent appraisal of the Ministry’s operations is provided through:- o        The verification of accountability.o        Physical safeguards.o        Valid use of distributed assets.


   5. Investigations - conducted to determine existing control weaknesses, assist Risk Management in determining the amount of the loss/fraud, and assist the unit by recommending corrective measures to prevent subsequent recurrences. Investigation of allegations may also be conducted.


   6. Information Systems Audit- The primary mission of the Information Systems audit function of Internal Audit is to support the internal audit function in the evaluation of the accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the electronic and information processing systems. The audit unit currently is being equipped with special auditing software called Audit Command Language (ACL) which is designed to query the authenticity of data processed. The detailed audit of data input, access and output authorization procedures is also conducted periodically.

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