Senior Personnel
1. Hon. Dr. Philip I. Mpango Minister For Finance and Planning
2. Hon. Dr. Ashatu K.Kijaji Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning
3. Mr.Doto M. James Permanent Secretary and Paymaster General.
4. Mrs. Dorothy S. Mwanyika
Deputy Permanent Secretary, Treasury Services (DSTS)
5. Dr. Khatibu M. Kazungu Deputy Permanent Secretary, Economic Management (DSEM)
6. Ms. Amina H. Shaban
Deputy Permanent Secretary, Public Finance Management (DSPFM)
7. Mr . Gideon A. Manambo
Director of Administration and Human Resources Management.
8. Ms. Grace J. Sheshui Assistant Director, Human Resources Management
9. Mr. Alfred O. Dede Ag. Assistant Director, Administration.
10. Mr. Francis M. Mwakapalila Accountant General.
11. Mr. Ishmael  A.Kasekwa Assistant Accountant General, Public Debts and General Services.
12. Mr. Eliakim L. Lovililo Assistant Accountant General, Financial Management.
13. Mr. Aziz H. Kifile Assistant Accountant General, Financial Systems.
14. Mr. Wilson A. Ngao Ag. Assistant Accountant General, Public Expenditure.
15. Mr. Victus P. Tesha Assistant Accountant General, Local Government.
16. Mr. Mohamed Mtonga Internal Audit General.
17. Mr. Stanslaus W. Mpembe Assistant Internal Audit General, Budget and Payroll Audit.
18. Mr. Mwanyika M. Semroki Ag. Assistant Internal Auditor General, Local Government.
19. Choto L. Sendo Assistant Internal Audit General, Quality Assurance.
20. Amin Mcharo Assistant Internal Audit General, Technical Audit.
21. Emmanuel M. Subbi Assistant Internal Audit General, Risk Management Systems and Control.
22. Mr. John Sausi
Director Financial Management Information System.
23. Mr. Stanley N. Haule Assistant Director, Operations System.
24. Mr. Hamza N. Rashid Assistant Director, Infrastructure.
25. Mrs Zubeda Mahugu Assistant Director, System Development.
26. Mr. Ezra M. Msanya Director Government Asset Management.
27. Mrs. Harieth Chamuriho Assistant Director, Asset Management Systems.
28. Mr. Qamdiye H. Sixberty Assistant Director, Accidents and Compensation Management.
29. Mrs Anna Mwasha Director of Poverty Eradication and Economic Empowerment.
30. Mr. Mudith Cheyo Assistant Director, PovertyPolicy and Analysis.
31. Mr. Servus  Sagday Assistant Director , MKUKUTA Monitoring.
32. Mr. Richard L. Mkumbo
Director of Planning.
33. Mr. Juma S. Maguru Assistant Director, Monitoring & Evaluation.
34. Mr. Said A. Mabie Assistant Director, Monitoring & Evaluation.
35. Ms. Susana B. Mkapa Director of Legal Services (DLS)
36. Mr. Elgius A. Mwankenja
Assistant Director, Contracts.
37. Mr. Elias K. Kimati
Assistant Director, Legal Analysis.
38. Dr. Federick A.  Mwakibinga
Commissioner for Public Procurement Policy.
39. Mr. Alex J. Haraba Assistant Commissioner, Capacity Development.
40. Mr. Bunare M. Daniel Assistant Commissioner, Policy Development.
41. Dr. Frank Mhilu Commissioner for Public-Private Partnership.
42. Mr. Said N. Magonya Commissioner for External Finance.
43. Mr Adrian P. Njau
Assistant Commissioner, Aid Coordination.
44. Judica H. Omary Assistant Commissioner, (Regional Cooperation.
45. Mr. Jerome J.R Bureta Assistant Commissioner, Multilateral.
46. Mrs.Mamelta K. Mutagwaba Assistant Commissioner, Bilateral.
47. Mrs. Mary N. Maganga
Commissioner for Budget.
48. Mr. Raymond L. Kwohelera
Ag. Assistant Commissioner, Ministries and Independent Departments.
49. Mr. Pius M. Mponzi Assistant Commissioner, Budget Techniques.
50. Mr Constantine Mashoko
Assistant Commissioner, Wage bill Management.
51. Dr. Charles A. Mwamwaja Ag. Assistant Commissioner, Regional Secretariat and Local Government.
52. Mr. Emmanuel M. Tutuba Assistant Commissioner, Expenditure Tracking.
53. Mr. Onesmo H. Makombe Commissioner for Financial Intelligence Unit.
54. Mr. Gilbert R. Nyombi Assistant Commissioner, Management Information System.
55. Mr. Charles B. Masolwa Assistant Commissioner, Inspection.
56. Mr. Adolf H. Ndunguru
Commissioner for Policy Analysis
57. Mr. Frank G. Mtosho
Assistant Commissioner, Macro-economic Policy.
58 Mr. Shogholo C.Msangi Assistant Commissioner, Fiscal Policy.
59. Mrs. Sauda K. Msemo
Assistant Commissioner, Debt Policy.
60. Mr. Charles Samanyi Assistant Commissioner, Financial Sector Policy.
61. Mr. Christopher A. Nkupama Chief Accountant, Ministry of Finance
62. Evaristo Mwalongo Chief Internal Auditor.
Mr.Sayi Nsungi Chief Accountant, Treasury.
Mr. Idd T. Lemmah Director of Procurement Management Unit
65. Mr. Benny L. Mwaipaja
Ag. Chief Government Communication Officer - CGCO
66. Mrs. Kainda S. Ndasa Head of Information and Communication Technology.

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