1. Hon. Dr. Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba (MP) Minister for Finance and Planning
2. Bw. Hamad Hassan Chande (Mb) Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning
3. Mr. Emmanuel Mpawe Tutuba Permanent Secretary and Paymaster General.
4. Bi. Jenifer Christian Omolo Deputy Permanent Secretary, Treasury Services (DSTS)
5. Bw. Lawrence N. Mafuru Deputy Permanent Secretary, Economic Management (DSEM)
6. Mrs. Amina Kh. Shaabani Deputy Permanent Secretary, Public Finance Management (DSPFM)
7. Bw Lusius Raphael Mwenda Director of Administration and Human Resources Management.
8.   Assistant Director, Human Resources Management
9.   Assistant Director, Administration.
10. Mr. Leonard Mkude Accountant General (ACGEN).
11. Mr. Aziz H. Kifile Assistant Accountant General - Financial Standard and Operations
12. Mr. Victus P. Tesha Assistant Accountant General - Local Government Finances
13. Mr. Perfectus R. Killenza Assistant Accountant General  - Consolidated Fund & Services
14. Mr. Ayoub H. Banzi Assistant Accountant General – Financial Management
15.   Assistant Accountant General – Expenditure Management
16. Mr. Athumani Selemani Mbuttuka Internal Auditor General ( IAG)
17. Mr. Paison D. Mwamnyasi Assistant Internal Auditor General -  Quality  Assurance
18. Mr. Emmanuel M. Subbi Assistant Internal Auditor General - Risk Management Systems and Control
19. Mr. Mwanyika M. Semroki Assistant Internal Auditor General - Local Government Audit
20.   Ag. Assistant Internal Auditor General-  Budget and Payroll
21.   Ag. Assistant Internal Auditor General -  Technical  Audit.
22. Mr. John Sausi Director Financial Management Information System.
23. Mr. Adam Mshangama Assistant Director, Operations System.
24. Mr. Hamza N. Rashid Assistant Director, Infrastructure.
25. Mr. Kishiwa Masabo Assistant Director, System Development.
26. Mr. Chotto L. Sendo Director Government  Asset  Management
27. Mr. Ismael N.  Ogaga Assistant Director - Asset Management  System.
28.   Assistant Director -  Accidents and Compensation Management
29. Mr. Moses Dulle Director of Planning
30. Mr. David E.  Mwankenja Assistant Director  - Planning
31. Mrs. Theresia  Henjewele Assistant Director -  Monitoring & Evaluation
32. Mr. Eliasi  K. Kimati Director  of Legal Services
33. Mrs. Zawadi L. Maginga Assistant  Director – Contract
34.   Ag. Assistant Director  - Legal Analysis
35. Dr. Frederick A. Mwakibinga Commissioner  for  Public  Procurement  Policy
36. Mr. Alex J. Haraba Assistant Commissioner  -  Capacity Development
37. Mrs. Fatuma Msantu Ag. Assistant Commissioner -  Policy Development
38. Dr. John R. Mboya Commissioner for Public Private Partnership
39. Mrs. Irene Rugemalila Assistant  Commissioner  for Public Private Partnership –Technical Support & Promotion
40. Mr. Bashiru T. Hussein Assistant  Commissioner for Public Private Partnership – Project Analysis and Approval
41. Mrs. Sauda K. Msemo Commissioner for External  Finance
42. Mr. Patrick W. Pima Assistant  Commissioner  - Aid Coordination
43. Mr. Melckzedeck Mbise Ag. Assistant  Commissioner - Bilateral
44. Mr. James Msima Assistant  Commissioner  - Regional
45. Mr. Robert Mtengule Ag. Assistant  Commissioner  - Multilateral
46. Mr.  Balandya Elikana Commissioner  for  Budget
47. Mr. Andambike Mololo Assistant  Commissioner  - Regions
48. Mr. Meshack Anyingisye Assistant  Commissioner   -Ministries, Departments & Agencies
49. Mrs. Bahati Mgongolwa Assistant  Commissioner  - Wage bill
50. Mrs. Vicky Jengo Assistant  Commissioner  -Expenditure Tracking
51. Mr. Ignas Chuwa Assistant  Commissioner  - Budget Techniques
52. Mr. Lawrence Mafuru Commissioner  for  Policy Analysis
53. Mr. Mbayan Y. Saruni Assistant  Commissioner -Macro  - economic Policy
54. Mr.  Sirindi Chimilila Assistant  Commissioner  - Research
55. Mr. William M. Mhoja Assistant  Commissioner  - Fiscal Policy & Ag. Commissioner  for  Policy Analysis
56. Mr. Andrew Mwangakala Ag. Assistant  Commissioner  -Financial Modeling
57. Mr. Japhet Justine Commissioner  for Debt Management
58 Mr. Nuru Ndile Assistant  Commissioner  Debt  -Risk Management .
59. Mr. Omary  Khama Assistant  Commissioner  Debt- Data Management
60. Mrs. Tiba Kisonga Assistant  Commissioner  Debt – Resource Mobilization
61. Dr.  Charles Mwamwaja Commissioner  for  Financial Sector Development
62. Mrs. Dionesia Mjema Assistant  Commissioner  Financial Sector Development - Microfinance
63. Mrs. Janeth Hiza

Ag.  Assistant  Commissioner  Financial Sector Development -Policy
64 Dr. Nicolous Shombe Commissioner  for National Planning Department
65 Ms. Julieth Magambo Assistant  Commissioner National Planning Department – Monitoring & Evaluation
66 Mr. Royal Lyanga Assistant  Commissioner National Planning Department – Planning and Development
67  CPA (T) Nuru Abdallah Chief Accountant, Ministry of Finance Vote 50 (PAT)
68 Mr. Evaristo Mwalongo Chief Internal Auditor (CIA)
69 Constantine Mashoko Chief Accountant, Treasury Vote 21 (CAT)
70 Mr. Boaz I. Ntembanda  Director of Procurement Management Unit (DPMU)
71 Mr. Benny L. Mwaipaja Chief Government Communication Officer - CGCO
72 Mr. Frank Kanani Ag. Head of Information and Communication Technology (HICTU)