Head of Department: Accountant General


  • Expenditure Management


Management of the Central Payment System.
Monitoring and control of decentralized sub treasury system.
Payroll system management.
Advances – Payment and accounting.


  • Financial System and Internal Audit


Development of the Government of the Government Accounting and Financial System.
Provision of an internal audit services to the Government.
Participating and accountability to issues of Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
Development of government accountancy legislation, regulations and instructions.


  • Public Debt


To ensure that debts are paid and records are maintained for both domestic and external.
Provide debts statistics/records as and when required.


  • Financial Management

Financial management of the exchequer accounts.
Monitoring the preparation of Ministry/Independent departments/Regions monthly and annual accounts.
Monitoring of the special funds, miscellaneous deposits account and other types of non-vote expenditure/revenue accounts.
Accounting for Development revenue
Accounting and Financial Agreements.
Consolidation of the Government's accounts.